Farming of the Future (and Feeding 9 Billion People)

In order to feed 9 billion people, we will need to produce almost twice as much food as we produce today. And farmland doesn’t grow on trees.

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Connecting California

Small Cells Around The Country

The deployment of 5G requires new technology and updated legislation — however, in some parts of the country, this is already starting to happen!

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Connecting California

Blending Wireless Technology and Wine Making

For the past few years, water-strapped California has been in a serious drought, so every drop of water is sacred to ensure the survival of the state's wine industry.

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About the Digital Future Alliance

The Digital Future Alliance champions the public policies necessary to ensure that the U.S. thrives in the digital future, that digital connectivity revolutionizes almost every sector of the economy, and that all individuals enjoy the transformative benefits that new technologies can provide.

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A Space for Mobile Ingenuity

Spectrum Crunch

Moments when technology seems to be failing you isn’t about your phone or even the quality of your network – it’s a matter of too many people in one place putting overwhelming demand on the limited amount of airwaves.

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