Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital Future Alliance? The Digital Future Alliance is a diverse coalition of organizations and concerned citizens that advocates for smart tech policies that will help ensure every American can benefit from the life-changing potential of digital technology. We want policies that will support a healthy digital future – a future that will drive economic growth, jobs, and innovation. Our goal is to educate stakeholders on relevant tech policy issues; engage policymakers to try to find bipartisan solutions, and empower the voices of our partners and all interested parties in tech policy debates through online and offline engagement.

Who is part of the Alliance? The Digital Future Alliance is proud to partner with advocates, organizations, and concerned citizens to champion policy solutions that will unleash the next wave of digital innovation. You can see a full list of partners here.

What are the Digital Future Alliance’s policy priorities? Our policy priorities fall into the following four buckets:

  • Harnessing the power of the mobile revolution to benefit consumers, communities, and entrepreneurs
  • Building an innovation economy that keeps America at the forefront of next-generation technology
  • Protecting consumer privacy as technology progresses
  • Promoting digital equity and broadband adoption to help improve the lives of all Americans


What is expected of Digital Future Alliance partners? Partnering with the Digital Future Alliance means you embrace all or parts of our mission. In addition, by partnering with the Alliance, you agree the Alliance may list your organization's name and logo in various public forums, such as the Alliance's website, social media accounts, online promotions, and in conversations with other partners and policymakers. The Alliance will never suggest you support a specific policy issue unless you have agreed to support that particular issue publicly. Partnering with the Alliance does not mean you have endorsed all of the Alliance’s policy positions. While our partners share in our broader mission, they represent a diverse group of stakeholders and may have different views on individual issues. But if the Alliance advocates on an issue that your organization supports, we welcome your active participation. The Alliance empowers our partners and their constituents to more effectively engage on issues they care about by amplifying their voice through digital media. By providing our partners and the larger interested community with digital tools, we help them to engage in the conversation on key policy issues and to be heard by decision makers. We do not require you take action, but we make it easy to do so if you choose.

How long will the Alliance be active? Our goal is to fulfill our mission to help realize a better digital future for every American—and we’re committed to both short-term policy changes and long-term leadership to foster innovation and make the digital future open to all. We’ll be engaged in this as long as it takes to advance those goals.

What can Alliance partners do to engage? We encourage all our partners and their constituents to share social content, engage with influencers and policymakers, and start conversations in their communities about the important policy issues that will shape the contours of our digital future.

How do I get involved with — or end my involvement in — the Alliance? We’re glad you asked. An organization can begin or end a partnership with us at any time by simply contacting us.